Spray Foam Insulation, Coatings & Fireproofing for Homes in Toronto & surrounding areas

Our number one goal is to provide every homeowner, builder, renovator, or general contractor with the greatest level of knowledge and service in order to ensure an exceptional job done right every time. We believe the first steps to a healthy, clean and happy building or home begins with what is behind the walls; insulation.

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Spray Foam

An alternative to your regular fibreglass insulation, spray foam is a chemical compound forming at the tip of a gun and expands a foam that is sprayed onto roof tiles, concrete slabs, into wall cavities, or through drilled holes in a cavity of a finished wall.

Offered in open cell and closed cell foam this type of insulation benefits your home because it offers different protection against things such as mold, mildew or moisture. Buildings treated with spray foam insulation typically insulate as much as 50% better than traditional insulation products.

At Right- Fit Foam we specialize in foam insulation and recommend it over any other type.